Below I will show how to convert your BASH 300S digital plate amp, to run of 240Vac. It is really
simple and most every one with some soldering experience can do it. You won't even need any special
parts. Only about 5cm (2") of wire, and you'r set.

It might be a good idea to compare the version number.

These two jumper wires (0 ohm resistors) should be removed. You can use your soldering iron or just
cut them away with a pair of pliers.

Now you solder in your wire between the WY and WR points.

Your amp is now ready for 220-240Vac. But, just for good mesure, and to not taunt the mighty awesome
power of the electricity God. You might also want to replace the provided fuse (rated at 3.15A) with
one rated at 1.6A.

Best of luck with your new amp.

ATTENTION! This modification will without doubt void your warranty. Also, while this modification
worked on the three amps I bought. I can NOT guarantee that BASH have used the same circuit design
in all amps ever made of this particular model. So it might not work for your amp. Review the
pictures I have posted, and make sure there are no important differences in the design of your amps
power supply. If in doubt, DON'T perform this modification. And know that I take absolutely no
responsibility if you happen burn down your neighborhood!

//Johan Jensen